Digital Printing & Jpanel Graphics

At Off Contact Productions, we specialize in taking your project from conceptual to professional – and we do it all under one roof. Whether you are a hobbyist or a project manager, we have the facility and resources to make your project the very best that it can be. Browse our available services below and get your project started today!



Environmental Graphics

Advertise anywhere

Every wall has the potential to be transformed into a high-impact advertisement for your business with Environmental Graphics from Off Contact Productions.


Vehicle Wraps

Make your brand move

Any car, van, bus or truck can become a high impact advertising solution with 3M Performance Graphics from Budget Wraps.


Display Graphics

stand out from the crowd

Our performance Display Graphics are produced to a set of specifications that offer you peace of mind and quality assurance.


University Graphics


Unify your student body and faculty with our vivid full-color 3M Performance Graphics, and watch the school spirit transform.


Screen Frame Systems & Solutions

For over 20 years we have provided industry leading precision screen frame systems and solutions to manufacturing companies across the USA. Along with producing the most innovative screens on the market we also offer comprehensive prepress solutions on the 3 major services crucial in successful screen printing: stretching, coating and imaging.




The S-Series Screen System

Product durability is an essential part of every manufacturing operation. Discover why utilizing our S-Series Screen System will greatly improve the longevity of your industrial print runs.



SEFAR® Premium mesh

No two screen printing application is identical. Find out which one of our 150 different Sefar® mesh, and select LFM specifications best fits the needs of your next project. 



grünig automated coating

A clean and consistent emulsion build will greatly prolong the printing life of your screens. Let our state-of-the-art equipment accurately coat your screens with the proper build.



High resolution film output

Utilizing high resolution film will ultimately improve the sharpness of your final print. See how our photo tooling systems can deliver quality and consistency to your project.