Developing Your Image

Build & Exposure

Proper exposure time is arguably the most important variable in the screen making process. It determines edge definition, ink flow and ultimately the sharpness of your final print. Here at Off Contact we take the hassle out of your screen image development by outputting your files to film and expertly imaging your project for you.

Delivering Results

with Consistant quality

Hundreds of companies across the United States have trusted OCP to deliver high quality print-ready screen systems for their manufacturing operations. Our quick turn around and multiple delivery options allow you to focus on your day-to-day business while we handle the rest. Contact Us today to learn more about the various imaging options available for your project.

Our Imaging Specs

  • Variable Size High Resolution Film Output
  • Large Format Photo Tooling Capabilities
  • 70" x 80" Mid-Format Exposure Unit
  • 70" x 136" Large Format Exposure Unit
  • 8000 Watt OLEC Integrated Exposure System