Innovative Screen Solutions

The S-Series + SEFAR®

Choosing the proper mesh & tension for your project can be the difference between an average and an outstanding final product. This is why we stretch every one of our S-Series frames with industry leading SEFAR® mesh. This extraordinary mesh allows us to guarantee that every one of our screen systems delivers superior print quality and maximum efficiency with every use.

Assembly = Performance

premium frames + exceptional mesh

We understand the importance of optimum screen tension and how it directly translates to our products performance. To ensure your project with the highest print yields and longest print runs our professional screen technicians stretch all of our S-Series frames to optimal tension by using SST and Grünig G-215 clamps. Contact Us today to find out which mesh will work best for your project. 

Our Facility & Resources

  • 15,000 sq ft Facility
  • 10 Customizable Stretching Tables
  • Over 150 Different Mesh Specifications
  • Variable Tension Stretching
  • Custom Angular Stretching
  • 125 x SST & Grünig G-215 Clamps